About Us

The IT industry has now caught up to a point where digital magazines has become a reality, with interactive features.  We have been aware and strongly committed to going green since the very beginning. The main objective of OnlineMags is to provide a GREEN, environmentally-friendly publishing platform that takes full advantage of modern day technologies.
Our objective is to spread the concept globally - to impact the world and to draw investors and tourists to our shores. There are big plans afoot for promoting international interest in South Africa. Building an interactive platform for all our readers.


About the magazines
The digital magazines, Women’s Choice and Mens Inc, are tools to promote successful South African business men and women. They are relevant, inspirational and have something for everyone.


Women’s Choice:
Women’s Choice is about more than opening a new networking path for successful career women. Also expect health advice, beauty tips, fashion and much more.


Mens Inc:
Mens INC aims to give you inspiring interviews with driven business people and entrepreneurs sharing their personal keys to success. You will also benefit from our other regular features including gadget spotlights, sports roundups and more.


HighSchool Buzz:
HighSchool Buzz is about inspire-ring the youth through the examples of other young adults who have conquered and overcome against all odds to become successful examples to future generations.


To publish great monthly online magazines for both men and women including a high school career guidance magazine. By creating an online platform, with Interactive and Educational features, we aim to promote sustainable, green growth, promote local heroes/content and thus develop and grow new entrepreneurs who will be given the opportunity of global exposure.


An online platform offering a wide array of online magazines and tools to equip business people in their everyday lives: whether at home or at play. International exposure and good quality content with the goal of inspiring the readers to attain even greater heights. We aim to promote South African role models and to challenge traditional thinking to broaden our global perception of what is possible when we believe.